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A player's skin inventory.

Weapon Skins

The weapon colors and textures.

Weapon Skins are a feature in Apocalypse Rising. They can be obtained by unlocking Trinity Crates which spawn in any military location. Once found, if clicked, you will be prompted to pay 50, 100, or 200 Robux to unlock skins of different tiers, ranging from low to high. High-tier crates, which are red, will drop the rarest skins, such as skins with the "really black," "gold foil," "diamond," and "sky" colors. Medium-tier crates, which are green, will drop medium skins, such as "pink pebble." Low-tier crates, which are blue, will drop non-rare skins, such as "green rust," "dusty rose," and "plastic yellow." Depending on which skin you get (which are random), they can help with camouflage, or can be used for cosmetic reasons. Weapon skins can be put on any gun, and will not disappear after you die. They stay in the weapon skin section permanently. Weapon skins cannot be dropped, and skins will disappear after dropping a weapon with one on it so other players can not have a gun with another player's skin.

Trinity Crates

Main article: Trinity Crates

Players can find crates and buy keys to unlock weapon skins. This system has since been replaced with the Developer Product service, where crates can be purchased directly.

During holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving, Gusmanak will release sets of 3 limited edition skins, which cover the mags, attachments, and stocks of the gun. The first 3 high-tier crates you buy during a holiday event will contain a limited skin.



  • Weapon skins and crates are likely based on the system found in most Valve games, such as CS:GO.
  • Other ROBLOX games that use skins for weapons are Phantom Forces, Assassin!, Mad Murderer, and Mad Paintball.