Hello fellow wiki users!

While the wiki is still functional in its current state, it's a bit of a mess due to the lack of active administration (especially following the migration to the UCP). We are unable to edit/move/delete pages, categories, and files. We are also unable to edit the wiki's locked main-page (as well as other locked pages). Additionally, the appearance and theme could use some tinkering, if not all-together be redone.

I am, by no means, a wiki expert, but I have learned a lot while trying to clean things up around here for the past few months. I would like this wiki to be as well maintained as possible. Therefore, I am intent on pursuing wiki adoption. If this adoption were to go through, I would be granted sysop and/or bureaucrat rights, and would have effective administrative control over the wiki. With these additional user rights, my intent is to be able to more effectively manage the wiki, not to gain absolute or authoritarian power over the wiki's management. Of course, despite having said rights, I wouldn't be able to do everything on my own; wikis are a communal effort (and my knowledge gaps in CSS and HTML are notable to say the least).

I don't want to go over anyone's head, so I will hold off on submitting a request for one week (until January 13) to allow for the input of other users, editors, and perhaps former staff.

Thank you for your time :> Pigflyer69

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