This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising


Trinity HQ is a landmark in Apocalypse Rising. Trinity HQ is a complex consisting of an Industrial area, an unenterable hangar, a helipad, and two main buildings. There is a roof access accessable through the ladder in the back. Military and civilian loot both spawn here. Trinity HQ is often guarded by military, police, and civilian zombies. Secondary weapons and attachments both have a high spawning chance here.


*Trinity Corp. created Patient Zero, who is the cause of the Apocalypse.
  • This place has one of the best military spawns and is in the corner of the map near Yale. So watch out for bandits and fresh-spawns around this area. It should be noted that there are three spawn points in the area, so the latter is extremely common.
  • If you have a Personal Radio, and get close to Trinity HQ, you can hear a sequence of numbers and letters being announced over the Coms.
  • If you have great render distance, it's easy to make the radio tower of the Trinity HQ with the Radio Tower near the Prison.
  • In the Amend map, there were crates with the Trinity Corp. sign. These can be found in the Military Outpost in Kin Reimagined.
  • Many of Patient Zero's messages can be found here.

Upon using the Personal Radio in the Trinity HQ, soft piano music can be heard for a few seconds mixed with static. Afterword is a message in the letters of the alphabet spoken by [[Gusmana}k]] (assumed). After the alphabet sequence, morse code is played. It loops over and over again. Go to the Personal Radio page for more.

The only noticible difference between Reborn and Reimagined Trinity HQ is their size and their significant lack of a wall.


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