This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising

Kin Power Station

Kin's Transformer Unit.

Transformer Units are structures that can be found in the three cities on the Kin Reimagined Map: Kin, Vernal, and Hark.


Transformer Units have one use, and that is to light up the city they are found in. When you pull the lever found in each of the Transformer Units, the city's street lights will turn on and light up the streets. You can also destroy the Transformer units by shooting it a few times, the unit then cannot be activated until repairs are made.

The lights above the lever (see right) can tell you if the unit is turned on or off. If the green light is lit, then the power is on. Whereas if the red light is on, the power is off.  The lever can be switched on and off by clicking on the lever hand, and shortly thereafter a short animation will play, where the lever handle glides to the opposite end of the slits and the light should change colour.

Me standing in front of a Transformer Unit

The lever of the transformer unit.

Basing in a Transformer Unit is not recommended, but neither is it discouraged. It is easy to fortify, food and drink can be found in or near the unit itself. However, cities are major looting spots for bandits and survivors, and being caught in the act of gathering supplies can be deadly.


  • Though they light up the streets, transformer units do not seem to power lights in buildings.
  • Transformer Units often spawn supplies near the lever, such as civilian firearms, food, drinks, and the occasional melee weapon. They also spawn supplies near the entrance, but never in between the walls and the units themselves.
  • In Kin if the lights are on and Subject 3 has spawned or is spawning, the lights will turn red.
  • If you worry about bandits, you should turn the lights off so they will have a harder time finding you at night.