This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising


The Infection is presumed to be a pathogen (claimed by the Blood Messages to be a virus) which currently afflicts the Infected, of which cannot be passed onto the player via contact with an Infected, either due to Infected failing to be spread onto the the player (not biting) or the the player being immune to the Infection.

Those afflicted with the Infection chase the the player along with other Players, and any contact with the Infection may result in receiving loss of health.

What is known about the Infection?

Very little certain knowledge about the infection is known, however, further information can be derived/deducted. Despite this, the majority of information is simply "presumed" of the nature of "zombies" and "zombie viruses."

It is presumed that Trinity Corporation experimented with the Infection (it is not certain if Trinity Corporation had created or discovered the Infection). It is also presumed the Patient Zero was the first infected (whether it was intentional or not intentional is not known).

It is also presumed that the infection causes the infected to lose intelligence yet remain capable of conducting physically-demanding tasks, indicating that those infected have physical impulses, that remain even with lack of intelligence.

It is also presumed that the Infection, if it is a virus, resides in the body fluids of the Infected. If it is a prion, it will reside in the brain tissue.


The player is immune to becoming infected. This can be due to the Infected unable to pass on the infection physically (unable to "bite" the Player or spread its bodily fluids, or if the infection is composed only of prions, which are spread by consumption of infected meat) or if the Player has evolved resistance to the Infection.

Another possibility is that the Player has been infected, but infection is so slow that the Player dies before becoming fully infected.

Possible Disease Types

The Infection can be caused by a variety of disease types.
  • Prion - The Prion (PrP, stands for Prion Protein) is one of the least-heard of yet one of the most mysterious form of diseases. The prion, simply, is a misfolded protein. It is not known how prions propagates, force proteins to misfold, or cause transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSE). The Prion is so distinct from viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites in that it requires no nucleic acids. All known prion diseases infect the brain/neural tissue of mammals only, and are all fatal and uncurable. The only comfirmed method to decontaminate infected tissue/objects is through incineration. Boiling, alcohol, ammonia, and hydrochloric acid for example, are ineffective.
  • Virus - The Virus is the most commonly believed and go-to transmitter of the Zombie Disease, as seen in the media. A virus is an infectious agent that replicates only inside living cells, and can infect all organisms. Viruses are extremely small, and are not considered living as they most have a host to propagate and do not have a cell structure. Antibiotics do not affect viruses, but anti-viral drugs have been developed. The most common way to avoid infection is through prevention by vaccines. To decontaminate infected objects, use Ultraviolet rays (sunlight), and 10% solution of household bleach (if disinfectants are unavailable).
  • Bacteria - The Bacteria is a prokaryote, and are one of the first organisms to evolve on Earth. Bacteria are known to live in areas dangerous to other organisms, such as hot springs, radioactive waste, and lava vents. Antibiotics are used to combat bacteria, however misuse has resulted in bacterial resistance to antibiotics, forming "super-bugs."


Things to notice are:
  • Infected youth and animals have not been introduced to the game. This means that zombies cannot reproduce, and that animals are not affected.