This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising

New pilgrim looking zombies.

The 2015 Thanksgiving Update was a holiday update released on November 20, 2015, for Thanksgiving. It changed the game's map to autumn and added three exclusive skins, among other things.


The update changed how some parts of the game looked. Zombies were given pilgrim suits and wore pilgrim hats, the grass was turned orange, and tree foliage was changed to red, yellow, and orange to look like fall.

The Skins From Gusmanak's Twitter


The game was further updated with three exclusive weapon skins.

  • "Foliage" Is a grass type texture skin for a gun.
  • "Golden" Which is a two-tone Gold color for a gun.
  • "Turkey" Which is a Red gun with a hint of Brown on it for a gun.
  • Each of them have distinct colors: Brown for the gun and Burlap for the accessories on the gun for "Foliage". Gold for the gun and Yellow-ish Gold for the accessories for "Golden". And Red for the gun and Brown for the accessories on "Turkey"

The update ended on November 29, 2015.