This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising

This update was removed after Thanksgiving of 2014.

The Thanksgiving Update of 2014 was a temporary holiday update to Apocalypse Rising. It changed some of the game's textures, such as trees to orange, brown and other fall colors, changed the zombies to look like turkeys and scarecrows, and temporarily changed the name to "Apocalypse Giving."


Zombies were changed to look like turkeys, and when aggravated, would emit a gobbling sound. When they successfully damaged a player, they would squawk. Turkeys heads were reduced in size vastly, but the hitboxes remained the same, resulting in the ability to kill zombies with headshots from above by shooting what appeared to be their torso.


Textures in the game were changed vastly, trees were colored shades of orange and brown, and the grass was changed to a orange-brown coloration, in accordance with fall.