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Structures in the game are man-made and contain loot spawns. In Kin Reborn all structures are accessible while in Kin Reimagined and Amend some structures are not.

Some structures are capable of being destroyed via C4.

Basic Structures

Image Structure Information
Barn Thumb Barn
Shed Thumb Shed
Capture2 Gas Station
4cec3aa74b7f2495ea1a42316ee0597d Apartments
Chuchout1 Church
Grocery store General Store
Millitary Tent Military Tent
Medical Tent
PoliceStation Thumb Police Station
Fire Station Fire Station

Special Structures

Water Tower
Statue of Kin
Town Hall
Radio Tower
Refugee Camp
Trinity Headquarters
Kin Bunker
Fort Ruins
Kin Power Station Transformer Unit
Military Outpost
Trinity Cargo Ship
Structure Name: Rarity: Type: Real Life:
Farmhouse Very Common Civilian Farmhouses
Hospital Uncommon

(Found in certain places)

Civilian Hospitals
Military Tent Uncommon Military Military Tents
City Buildings Very Common Civilian Buildings
Gas Station Very Common Civilian Gas Stations
Barn Common Civilian Barns
House Very Common Civilian Family Home
Cemetery Uncommon Civilian Cemetery
Shed Quite Common Civilian Shed
Stack of Cargo Common Presumably Military Cargo Containers
Water Tower Common Civilian Water Towers
Town Hall Uncommon Civilian/Military Town/City Hall
Statue of Kin Only in Kin Civilian Unknown (Statue)
Radio Tower - Civilian/Military Television/Radio Towers


Uncommon Civilian


Military Barricades Quite Common Presumably military


Roadblocks Commonly emplaced on roads in hamlets, villages, towns, and Kin. Presumably police and/or military

Mansion - Civilian/Military Mansions
General Stores Common Civilian

General Stores

Refugee Camp - Military Refugee Camps
Abandoned Mine - Civilian Mines
Prison - Military Prisons
Radio Station - Civilian/Military Radio Broadcasting Stations
Factory - Civilian Factories
Trinity HQ - Military Headquarters
The Bunker - Military Military Bunkers
Fort Ruins - Military Forts
Bump Flatts - Civilian Towns
Transformer Unit In the 3 major cities only Civilian Electrical Substation
Military Outpost - Military



Furniture does not exist.

Windows are destructible through bullets and melee, but can be replaced by Windscreen Glass or Ballistic Glass.

Light may go through walls.

Items can clip through walls when dropped/deployed. Roblox physics may initiate and cause particularly large objects to fly away.

  • A small shed.
  • A gas station.Go to Gas Station
  • The mansion, as it briefly appeared in the v5.0.0 video.Go to Mansion
  • The cemetery, as it briefly appeared in the v.5.0.0 video.Go to Cemetery
  • A church.Go to Churches
  • One of the many military tents.Go to Military Tents
  • A fire station.Go to Fire Station
  • One of the many useful general stores.Go to General Store
  • A small hospital.Go to Hospitals
  • A farmhouse.Go to Farmhouses
  • The Trinity CruiserGo to Trinity Cruiser
  • The Bunker.Go to The Bunker
  • Cargo crates, stacked together.