This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising

Sprinting is a physical action in Apocalypse Rising.


Sprinting is a physical action, and is an important part of Apocalypse Rising. You can determine your stamina, by looking at the Stamina Bar. Sprinting can be activated by pressing "Left Shift". All Bars will deplete; except for the Health Bar. When sprinting, your speed raises up to 25 km/h, about the speed of a fully fixed bike.


  • Only sprint when running from a player/zombie.
  • Never let your stamina go down 30%.
  • If you want more stamina, choose the Cardio Perk.



Cardio perk, the perk that increases your speed!


  • The Cardio Perk increases your stamina regeneration by 2x.
  • Sprinting depletes your Stamina Bar, Thirst Bar, and Hunger Bar.
  • Once your at 10% Stamina, you can still keep on sprinting. But if you're at 10% Stamina, and you stop Sprinting, you cannot Sprint again till your Stamina regenerates.


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