This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising

The School is a man-made structure that can be found in Apocalypse Rising. They are only found in major cities like Vernal, Kin, and Hark. Their appearance is a wide-short tan building with brown doors leading to the entrance with 3 floors (third floor is the rooftop). Schools are civilian buildings.


Schools spawn high-grade and low-grade civilian loot like most civilian buildings, but these structures are more unique, with only 3 existing in the game. The first floor has many rooms and doors and a hallway left to right. There are four rooms that spawn food and drinks like Beef Jerky and Twinkies (rarely) Lemonade, etc. They also spawn all backpacks (except military), you can actually find a Survival Pack nearly outside the school near the ramp/stairs/doors and useful utilities in the rooms like Map, Compass, Watch, and more. The Schools also have a second floor which can be entered simply going up the ramp/stairs. The second room doesn't spawn much, only about 1-2 items. These items are usually melees and weapons (only civilian) like a Double Barrel Shotgun, Fedorov, Crowbars, and the second best rare hatchet. Now once you loot the second floor. There is a door less exit leading to the balcony of the school. The balcony spawns chemlights and civilian ammo and more. There is also a gray truss to access the rooftop which doesn't spawn anything, but it's still a perfect view of the world. The roof is a good place to make a base, because there is only one entrance, which is the truss. You might need a lot of building materials, but soon you'll finish all the hard work. Make sure to loot the city first and storing it all on the roof. Schools can sometimes lie near a barricade which spawns military items.


  • Schools can only be found at major cities.
  • They are great for bases and spawn high-grade civilian loot.
  • They aren't visited very often. Only new spawns mostly go here if they need good loot.