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Welcome Survivor!

Welcome to the Apocalypse Rising Wiki, still alive (somehow) after all these years! We are bringing this wiki back in good order. Please enjoy this refuge from the (now greatly depleted) zombie apocalypse!

We welcome all editors to the wiki. If you see a page that you feel needs editing, please feel free to do so.

Update Announcements

5 new guns, including the AUG and .357 Python, are confirmed to be added to Apocalypse Rising 2 in the next update.

The Makarov has been confirmed as a rare gun in Apocalypse Rising 2, along with the .357 Python and the Mosin Nagant PU.

Zombies have been re-added, and boy are they difficult to kill now...

New, bigger, island has been added, along with several new locations and many bug fixes. Duplication has also been fixed, and loot spawns have been diminished.

Wiki Announcements

BoomTexan is now one of two Buerecrats, along with Duegann!

Almost all pages have been unlocked.


General Portals

ApocalypseRising1Circle ApocalypseRising2Circle
Apocalypse Rising 1 Apocalypse Rising 2

Gusmanak's Twitter


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