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Overhead view of Refugee Camp.

Refugee camp

A side view.

The Refugee Camp is a large tent camp on the north-east corner of the map only found in Reimagined. It is replaced by Windy Peaks Campground in Reborn. 


It is thought that the camp was a settlement for people who tried to escape from the Apocalypse in small groups with the military. This is shown by barricades, barricading the area around the camp. Unfortunately, like all other military personnel, they were infected, as seen by Military Zombies guarding the premises,the camp was abandoned or overrun by zombies during the process. It could be possible that other Refugee Camps were set up by the Military, as there are some military tents in very close proximity to each other, however they may have received the same fate as this one. The Military probably broadcasted on the radio for all survivors to head to an evacuation area or to head here. This was not a smart idea as Military Outpost is almost next door, and the military zombies there may have attacked the Refugee Camp survivors. 


The Refugee Camp consists of many small, yellow tents that spawn civilian tier loot and military tier loot and can only be found in the Refugee Camp, two normal Military Tents, which spawn military grade gear, one medical military tent, which spawns medical and military loot, and five Deer Stands positioned around the edge of the camp, which spawn military grade ammo, attachments and all types of food and water. Military vehicles spawn here.


The Refugee Camp is a great place to loot, even if you're just starting out. It is located on the edge on the map, so players spawn here frequently. It is also a bandit hotspot, a spawn point for Patient Zero, and has a moderately high zombie spawn. If you are a fresh spawn starting out here, be ready for anything.


  • Ref is short for Refugee Camp.
  • This was where the last survivors of Kin were pushed to, and eventually overrun.