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The Radio Tower as seen on Kin Reborn.


The Radio Station (as read on the map) or Radio Tower (abbreviated often in-game by players as RT) is a hilltop structure located east of Kin and somewhat south-east of the center of the map. The structure consists of a white hollow building (with 3 rooms to each of the 2 floors and a ladder leading to the flat roof) and a tall red and white tower with a ladder and several viewing points. The structure is a very popular location for group meetings, survivors, and firefights. For the above reasons, few people base in or around the Radio Tower.


Falling off the Radio Tower falling off of the radio tower will kill you if you are not at full health.

Players commonly plant mines and C4 and stand a distance away to kill unsuspecting players and destroy the structure.

As mentioned above, the Radio Tower is a hotspot for players and bandits. Keep an eye out for other survivors at all times.