Vehicle Parts are items scattered through the map that is used for repairing broken vehicles. There are about 6 types of vehicle parts: Windscreen Glass, Wheels, Scrap Metal, Engines, Fuel Tanks, and Jerry Cans. These items are required to fully fix a car, and make it usable and stable. A car needs at least 4 wheels(or 6 if its a large vehicle such as a pickup truck) to run and some fuel, in order to use it. Glass protects the player from bullets, although they only protect from 1 bullet and they break. Engines increase the maximum speed of a car. Jerry Cans are used to make the car run, incase it runs out of fuel. Wheels allow the car to actually move, otherwise the car is useless. Fuel Tanks are used to decrease fuel usage from a car, needed to fix a car. When all the parts of the car is fixed, it is fully functional, and it stops smoking from the engine and the fuel tank, which prevents players seeing your position on the map.

List of Vehicle Parts