This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising

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Medical Items can heal you. They are commonly found in big hospitals (in Kin and Vernal), clinics (Dirk, Mansion), military tents, or off a player you killed. You are recommended to have medical items with you.

Note that all food are not medical items, they will heal you but that is not their main purpose.

List of Medical Items

                          Item:                   Rarity:                   Type:            Health Healed:         Real Life:

Bloodbag Blood Bags      Common   Civilian/Military        100%                 Blood Bags

PainkillerPain Killers     Common               Civilian                  0%                     Steroids, Benedril


  • A bloodbag will never, ever spawn in a house. If you see one, someone probably dropped it there.
  • Painkillers will reduce 20% of incoming damage for 45 seconds.
  • If you are hurt in combat, use a blood bag or (a) painkiller(s) to fight back and possibly win!
  • In Apocalypse Rising 2 painkiller overdoses can kill you.
  • If you are about to be in a CQC fight, avoid unless you have painkillers and full health.
  • The more bloodbags you use, the faster your health goes up.
  • It is recomended to carry three or more bloodbags at all times.