Police Zombies are a type of zombie that can be found in Apocalypse Rising. they can be found frequently around Police Stations , the Prison and Gusmanak's Mansion. They helped The Military by defending evacuation zones such as the prison and Trinity HQ. They may have helped stop riots and could have set up the roadblocks to stop zombies and escaping civilians escaping quarantine areas. The high concentration of Law Enforcement Infected at Gusmanak's mansion could mean that they, along with The Military, were assigned with keeping the VIP, Gusmanak safe during the Dark Times of the early stages of the Infection, but they were quickly overrun, as usual. However after the Military presumably pulled out, whatever was left of the dysfunctional unit was left at the Infected's Mercy, which they had none. The Police defended their police stations from squatters, looters and Infected the best they could, but were overrun after just a few days without The Military's support.


  • It is unknown why police officer zombies only appear near police station, Trinity HQ, the Prison, and nowhere else.
  • Gusmanak has not yet commented on the phenomena if police officer zombies exist in the other maps or not.
  • It is unknown if they inflict more damage than civilian zombies, as military zombies do.
  • It is unknown why the police zombies do not carry guns.