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Patient Zero NEW

A daylight sighting of Patient Zero, thanks to ColdHunter


Patient Zero according to legend was the first infected citizen of the Virus and began the Apocalypse. It, however, is NOT Subject 3, the entity which appears in Kin at midnight.

Patient Zero is black entity with four (4) tentacles on its back, and has no discernible face, so is often regarded as Slenderman by first-time viewers. In earlier versions, he was a Roblox decal.

Patient Zero is classified as genderless, but is referred to as a male through messages written about him in the game. Patient Zero's identity has not been confirmed, but according to legend was taken away and experimented on by Trinity Corporation. Multiple messages are considered to be written by it in what is believed to be human blood. Kin Hospital has the messages relating to what is considered to be the story of Patient Zero.

When encountered, whispers can be heard. Patient Zero will target the nearest player and all players cameras in the vicinity will begin to shake. A scream can be heard (source is unconfirmed, believed to be from Patient Zero). Patient Zero will then move quickly towards its target. When Patient Zero finally makes contact with its target, it will send the target to the Kin Hospital with 1 health left, regardless of health status, upon the encounter.

Gunfire has proven ineffective in combating Patient Zero. Certain survivor accounts claim that upon shooting Patient Zero, the entity Subject 3 appears and damages the shooter. Other accounts simply claim that Patient Zero deflects the bullets back to the shooter, damaging the shooter.

Although there is no consistent pattern of where Patient Zero appears, it is known that upon activation of city lights (which are red) that Patient Zero (or Subject 3 if in Kin) will spawn.

There are currently no accounts of the nature of the entity that spawns in the Amend Bunker, and cannot be classified as Patient Zero or Subject 3.

Subject 3

Survivors have claimed that they have encountered Patient Zero in the Union Square of Kin. This is highly unlikely, as it is more likely for Subject 3 to appear instead.

Survivor's accounts state that at Midnight (0:00) if the lights in Union Square are turned on and red, loud whispers and static will be heard by the player.

Unlike an encounter with Patient Zero, your camera does not shake. The whispering and static will increase in volume and intensity and the entity Subject 3 will appear.

Four (4) figures will appear beside you for a fraction of a second. These figures are classified as Subject 3, and though they are similar to Patient Zero, there are some differences. They do not have the glue textures on them, they do not have tentacles, and they are slightly transparent.

After a certain amount of time has passed, more figures will appear. There are never more than four entities at a time, however. They appear for only a fraction of a second. Upon hearing a scream, all four will move towards the player. The player's screen turns black, and will return to normal (waking up) after a period of time.

The figures do no damage.


*According to medical science, "patient zero" is the first infected patient of an epidemic or pandemic.
  • It should be noted that while zombies are infected with the same Virus as Patient Zero, they do not show the higher brain functions of Patient Zero.
  • Patient Zero was never mentioned in Gusmanak's update log for Apocalypse Rising. It is assumed it was meant as a surprise/
  • In Gusmanak's Twitch TV livestream on the making of the v5.0.0 map (Kin Reimagined), Patient Zero's model is seen with other bricks Gusmanak had put aside to use the copy tool on for easy access to bricks and pre-made structures.
  • In DayZ, there is a similar entity known as "Dr. Ivan Hofman." However, he can be "killed".
  • Patient Zero was implemented early in the makings of Apocalypse Rising. 
  • Witnesses have described exploiters (hackers) spawning multiple Patient Zeros or turning themselves (the exploiters) into one. It is believed the Patient Zero script is implemented into its model.


On very rare occasions, Patient Zero will become trapped in a certain location of the map. This for an unknown reason affects its ability to despawn or deal damage when a player touches it. However, touchers will be sent to the Kin Hospital, while shooters will receive the damage they give it. It is unknown if Subject 3 appears upon shooting Patient Zero. Because of the supposedly lack of connection between despawn scripts and being stuck in a location, it is theorized that Patient Zero cannot despawn if it is chasing a player (and became stuck doing so).

There have been many reports that upon the collision with a vehicle and Patient Zero the game will force shut down. In other words, running over Patient Zero will cause the game to crash. Reports conflict on whether individual clients shut down (more likely) or if the entire server does. (It is not known if this is a bug or a purposeful scripting).

A popular reason for this is the inability for Patient Zero's script to handle teleporting a vehicle to the Kin Hospital. However, what is likely the main reason is that upon collision with Patient Zero, the humanoid for Patient Zero detects "damage," and "damage" must be reflected back at the player that caused it. However, the driver of the vehicle isn't classified as conducting the "damage". If this were to be the case, vehicular kills (running over and killing players) would be counted as general kills. Patient Zero cannot find anything to damage. Because the target (damage causer) is still nil (and possible caused by not implementing a script to check if the target to deal damage to is not nil), the function/script line designed to damage the target cannot find the target. What actually causes the crash afterward is likely due to poor coding or anti-exploit scripts.

Messages Related to Patient Zero



Apocalypse Rising Patient Encounter

Apocalypse Rising Patient Encounter

ANOTHER Apocaypse Rising Patient Encounter

ANOTHER Apocaypse Rising Patient Encounter

SEAN'S PATIENT ZERO ENCOUNTER! - Roblox Apocalypse Rising

SEAN'S PATIENT ZERO ENCOUNTER! - Roblox Apocalypse Rising

Roblox - Apocalypse Rising - Patient Three Encounter-1

Roblox - Apocalypse Rising - Patient Three Encounter-1

Robloxapp 20140928 1950134

Robloxapp 20140928 1950134


As of February 19, 2014, John Shedletsky announces a contest during a live Twitch broadcast in Apocalypse Rising. If recorded as a video on Twitch, the first poster will earn 40,000R$. Many users believe the "event" Shedletsky was referring to was Patient Zero (as he thought to recall it as Slenderman) , but it will only remain a mystery until the next live Twitch broadcast announces the winner.

As of February 15, 2017, the winner has not been announced.