Military Tents are small structures in Apocalypse Rising. They are usually accompanied by a barricade. Military-tier ammo, attachments, food, drinks, and the occasional gun can spawn inside.

The tent designs were redone after the Amend map, but the loot yields remain common between both. Military Tents seem to be small green structures with an open entrance, opened windows, and a sloped roof. They seem to be trapezoidal prisms. They are found in major cities and a few small towns.

There are two types of military tents: the standard military tent and the medical tent. The standard military tent spawns ammo, attachments, MREs, food, and sometimes automatic weapons. Medical tents spawn blood bags, painkillers, food and drinks (Including the rare Dr. Pepper). You are vulnerable inside these tents, as someone could shoot you through the "windows" while you are looting. Though they may not always have items in them, it is recommended to check. Military Tents and Military Barricades are the first places most players should loot when in cities/towns. Given how they are found in towns alongside barricades, it could mean that the military were dug up here and defending against the Infected while they waited for the civilians to be evacuated. Since they are found at places like the radio tower and union square, one can presume these areas were for evacuation, where the Military would report on the radio using the tower to survivors to head to these areas for evacuation to the refugee camp(s). Evidently, they were quickly overrun and either pulled out or were all infected.