Korri is an average size town, located south and east of Kin, north and east from the Fort Ruins, west from the Factory and south from the Radio Station. Korri has a hill north of it, making for good cover when approaching a base, and spawns civilian loot as well as some lower class Military loot. Occasionally it will spawn medium to high tier Military loot, but that is fairly rare. Korri consists of normal civilian buildings as well as some warehouses and the usual barricades, plus a single Military tent, and of course, the Korri Police Station. The Police Station, like most others, can be used as a Sniper nest, a Bandit base or just a temporary place to set up camp. Korri is visited fairly consistently by all sorts of players, so it may not have very good Military loot, but if you have good weapons and utilities Korri would make a prime place for a base because of it's high food and industrial loot spawn rate. Before rushing into Korri you should, like most other places, scope it out and be wary of Snipers and Bandits, because, as stated above, it is sometimes used as a base.
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The barricade by the warehouse, with a full military tier gun loadout.


Korri is one of the more visited areas on the southern area of the map, making for a good place to set up camp for Bandits.

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