This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising

RobloxScreenShot09212014 073317-924

A player showing off. Looking around him, you can see the various features of the HUD.(Note: This was taking in a grey area to contrast with the HUD, for clear vision of the HUD.)

The HUD, or heads-up display, is the method by which you can:

  • See who is connected to the server.
  • When you click on someone's name in the game you can see their player kills, zombie kills, and days survived.
  • Join or leave a group, or see who's in it.
  • See the chat, or switch between global and group chat.
  • See what perk you have equipped.
  • See how many rounds you have in your current magazine, and how many magazines remain for that weapon.
    RobloxScreenShot04162016 102222478

    A player facing a wall with a MK48. You can clearly see the HUD in the screenshot.

  • Monitor your health, hunger, and thirst bars.
  • View your stamina.
  • When you press G, your inventory comes up.
  • When you press M the map comes up.
  • What gun setting you are currently on.
  • If you are running, crouching, or walking.
  • Type in chat.
  • Lets you see what status your vehicle is in.
  • Lets you see how fast your vehicle is going.
  • Allows you to control you Radio setting from On and Off and control how loud it is.
  • You can go to the settings menu and change your controls. For example, use C to crouch and E to open inventory.
  • Lets you turn your Omni Light on and off.
  • Lets you detonate C4 charges.
  • Lets you see who died.
  • Gives you option to return to lobby.