The Factory is a building on the southeast part of the map. It has a small building with conveyor belts. It is unknown what the factory manufactured.

There is a massive tower next to the building. It can be spotted from somewhat far distances and can be, if used correctly, good for navigation. However, no loot spawns on the tower. It is also a good "nest" for a sniper, seeing as it is tall and provides a nice view of the surrounding area.The buildings around the factory typically spawn civilian items. The inside of the factory can spawn the occasional military item.


The factory can be a common spot for bandits due to the high amount of fresh spawns that walk through here. The tower can be easily fortified using only a block or two to block the ladder. It can be a good sniping spot, barricaded easily, and it spawns ammo and food, so it can be an ideal place to base. However, it has high amounts of player traffic, there is a multiple spawns around the area, and zombie spawns are scattered around.