This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising

Enhanced Spawn was a gamepass for the earlier editions of Apocalypse Rising. It allowed you to spawn in with a map, compass, MRE, water bottle, and survival flashlight. At the time it cost 50R$.

The R$ and tickets (now redacted) received from the gamepass was exchanged for money in the DevExchange program and used to purchase Unity Pro, a game engine used for Gusmanak's next game, Strive.

Gamepass Description

Every time you spawned as a new character with this gamepass, you would have received the following items:

These items would not necessarily give the buyer an advantage over others, solely because the items provided would not guarantee your survival in a conflict with another player who does not own this gamepass.

The pass would have had far more utility if you spawned with more ammo, a better weapon or even blood bags.


  • The 1st person to comment on this gamepass is: FoxTheVideoDude. His exact comment was: "I want this gus please im 9 and I kind of suck at this game a little well I did find a light machine gun but died :C"
  • Gusmanak commented on the gamepass saying: "Updated description for those of you who think this gamepass gives the buyer an advantage over others.".
  • Originally it cost 700 tickets, but Gusmanak later changed it to 900 tickets.
  • This was the cheapest gamepass in Apocalypse Rising.
  • This gamepass was made on October 5, 2013.
  • The Genre for this gamepass was: Adventure.
  • It was later removed by the new update.