This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising

Deer Stand Info

Deer Stand
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Refugee Camp

Deer Stands are small, wooden towers, about three meters (1.5x your character) high that spawn both military and civilian-tier loot in Apocalypse Rising.


Deer Stands appear to be small wooden watchtowers with a ladder on the side. They can be used by players to look for bandits, as their purpose is technically for observation. However, due to their location, this serves little use.


Refugee camp, close to randomly placed military tents, and placed randomly through out the map.


Deer stands can be found randomly around the map. They are known to spawn mostly civilian loot, but when positioned next to military areas they can spawn military-tier items.

Kin Reimagined

In Kin Reimagined, deer stands are only found in the Refugee Camp. As the camp is located on the edge of the map, using it to camp out is useless due to players spawning right at it.

Kin Reborn

In Kin Reborn deer stands are scattered randomly around the map. They are mostly high in mountainous areas, but they can also appear at lower altitudes. The loot found at them can vary. Their appearance is very different than in Amend or Reimagined.


  • Due to the ladder's slant and the short height of deer stands, it may be easier to jump onto it rather than climb.
  • Deer Stands commonly spawn MREs.
  • Zombies can climb up the ladder after you.