Apocalypse Rising 2 has a wide array of consumable items, including different foods, drinks, medical kits, and other status items. Most of these items spawn frequently, but rarer, more effective items spawn infrequently and can be harder to find.


Maintaining both the hunger and thirst bars is essential for survival. Over time, the player's hunger and thirst increase, causing both bars to decrease gradually. This occurs even faster while sprinting. If the hunger or thirst bar reaches zero, the player's health will begin to diminish.

Some status items and drinks provide stamina for a short period of time. This effect is indicated by the hunger and thirst bars changing from green to blue. During this time, bars do not decrease, even when sprinting.

Medkits are the primary method for restoring health. They come in three types (small, large, military), and heal 50, 75, and 100 HP respectively. Additionally, the higher quality a medkit is, the faster the healing process will take place.

Foods (and sodas) can also be used to heal the player. To do this, the item must firstly provide any amount of hunger reduction. Upon eating a food that provides a number of hunger points greater than the amount required to fully replenish the hunger bar, the player will be healed slightly in return. In other words, the player can regain health by "over-eating".

"Over-eating", as well as "over-drinking", also provide an additional benefit very similar to stamina. If either (or both) bars are maxed out, they will not decrease for 30 seconds even when sprinting. The bar(s) remain green during this period of time. The player also cannot eat and/or drink during this period.

Health boosters give the player temporary health points, which are displayed over the health bar in yellow. This temporary health decays similarly to the hunger and thirst bars, and is also affected by sprinting.

List of Consumables

Food & Drink

Image Name Size Hunger Thirst Effect
Icon water.png Water Bottle 1x2 0 85
Iconset sodas.gif Soda 1x2 10 50
Icon juice.png Orange Juice 1x2 0 35
Stamina drink 1x2 0 60 Stamina 60sec
Energy Drink 1x2 0 30 Stamina 30sec
Icon ration.png Military Ration 1x2 85 20
Icon chips.png Chips 1x2 40 -10
Icon crackers.png Salty Crackers 2x2 40 -10
Icon jerky.png Beef Jerky 2x2 40 0
Icon tuna.png Canned Tuna 1x2 45 0
Icon steak.png Steak 2x2 50 0
Icon ham.png Canned Ham 2x2 55 0
Icon noodles.png Canned Soup 1x2 30 10
Icon peanut.png Peanut Butter 1x2 65 -15
Icon beans.png Canned Beans 1x2 50 0
Icon mushyCarrots.png Mushy Carrots 2x2 45 -15
Icon mushyVeg.png Mushy Veg 2x2 45 -15
Icon cake.png Cake 2x2 55 -10
Icon spmilk.png Spoiled Milk 1x2 -15 25
Icon moldyBread.png Moldy Bread 2x2 35 -15
Icon banana.png Old Banana 1x2 15 0
Icon chbar.png Chocolate Bar 1x2 25 -5
Icon onion.png Onion 1x1 10 0
Icon apple.png Bruised Apple 1x1 15 5
Icon orange.png Orange 1x1 15 10

Medkits & Status Items

Image Name Size Effect
Icon kitSmall.png Small Medkit 2x2 Heals 50 health in 5 seconds
Icon kitLarge.png Large Medkit 2x3 Heals 75 heath in 4 seconds
Icon kitMili.png Military Medkit 2x3 Heals 100 heath in 3 seconds
Icon hpboostCivi.png Health Booster 1x2 +25 temp health 50sec decay
Icon hpboostMili.png Military Health Booster 1x2 +50 temp health 50sec decay
Icon stboostCivi.png Stamina Booster 1x2 Stamina 60sec
Icon stboostMili.png Military Stamina Booster 1x2 Stamina 120sec
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