Combat logging is the act of exiting Apocalypse Rising while under attack to avoid death. It is generally considered unethical, and is discouraged by the Apocalypse Rising community. Currently, there is only one partially effective measure against combat logging, and has curtailed logging by those who are classified as "in combat." However, combat logging before dealing or receiving damage is still successful, as is waiting for four minutes after being shot, then leaving. When hackers are script killing players on the server you are on, if you log, you will still get combat log for nothing. This is unknown why but is suspected that the hackers programs are designed to do so for they are putting players into combat against the scripts. However, after several October updates, many hacks have been patched making the game much more enjoyable.
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Combat log warning 2

After three combat logs (after which you are given a warning) every time you exit while in combat, your inventory will be reset.

Countering Combat Logging

There is only one (1) known method to counter combat logging. Upon dealing or receiving damage via firearm or melee, the bottom left exit button will turn red. This indicates that the player is in combat. After one minute (60 seconds) of not dealing or receiving damage via firearm or melee, the player has left combat and may leave the server if necessary.

Player's transparent white body when combat logged.

Upon combat logging, a transparent white body will remain behind in the server.