Churches are large buildings, containing several pews and a raised pulpit on the altar. It bears closest resemblance to an Episcopal church. They usually spawn good civilian-grade loot, such as the M3 and Model 459 Pistol. Due to their unbreakable windows and single, small entrance, they are a great fort for any team of any size because there is only one entrance. However, making a fort at Churches may backfire against you due to that a siege can render the occupants in a stcky postition, unless they quit. Due to the single entrance, a smart player may plant plenty of C4s or mines near it, then camp behind one of the barricades. The occupants inside can only really die of boredom of getting stuck and have nothing to do or get shot when they try and go out. For these reasons, many survivors just use the church as a loot farming location. If you plan to build a fort at the Church, remember to build a sniper tower/hideout to ensure no one is outside, wating to amubush you.