This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising


A zombie fighting Gusmanak as they appeared in one of the game's thumbnails.

There are Characters found and/or mentioned in the game.

Canon Characters

These characters are officially made by Gusmanak and ZolarKeth.

The Player - You are the player and you have an immunity to the Virus. You can't be infected, but that doesn't mean you can't be a zombie's next meal! As the Player, you are not only to survive from the zombies during the apocalypse, but from other players and starvation/dehydration. Players mainly fall into 3 categories: Bandit, Hero, or Neutral with special ranks such as Maruader and Guardian.

Zombies - The infected citizens, military personnel, and police officers. They are able to chase and kill the players.

Law enforcers - Law enforcers, or police officers were, presumably, helping the military during the early stages of the apocalypse. Like the military, there are none to be seen alive and are all infected with The Virus.

Military - The military were, as evidenced, helping the citizens to at least evacuate and/or save them from the infected but failed to do so. Trinity Corp. employees are known as the antagonists and the cause of the apocalypse, as they made The Virus. They are simply mentioned but not seen in-game. Like the law enforcers, there are none to be seen alive and are all infected with The Virus.

Patient Zero - Often called 'Subject Three', he was the first infected that was orginally an employee of Trinity Corp. then he was experimented on by Trinity Corp. He was able to escape Trinity HQ (or the testing grounds) and started the apocalypse. Before he went completely insane, he wrote with blood in buildings " Why me?" and various statements. There are also messages left by survivors infected by Patient Zero such as " It got me" in one of the buildings. 

Journal Writer - The journal writer, quite possibly a female, was a missing survivor that began to write logs in their journal right before the crisis started to happen and some after it started. They have been staying in the town Amend before and during the apocalypse.

The Flashing Zombie - A rare occurrence when a zombie appears without any clothes, The Flashing Zombie has brown skin and black hair and nothing else. It is unknown why this zombie is naked.