The Cemetery is a large man-made structure, quite similar to a church, that contains many types of loot: food, drinks, backpacks, guns, and ammunition.

The Cemetery, before the apocalypse, was definitely used as a place for mourning and burying the dead. After the infected struck, the place seemed to have been completely ransacked, as shown by the holes in the walls, though the graves and crypts are left untouched. It is located near Olke and is very close to Outpost. The walls surrounding the cemetery has holes in them, presumably blown up or knocked down by bandits. The entrance of the cemetery has barricades outside, suggesting that early survivors, with the help of the military, had been using this place as a small base, but were then overrun. About seven or more zombies can spawn around or in the area, though they are relatively easy to get rid of, and only a minor drawback of looting the Cemetery.

The Cemetery can be good for making a base, the only problem is that it is a hotspot for players like bandits. The hill in front of Cemetery gives bandits a great sniping spot, and the flat space behind church that has rocks and trees gives a lot of cover for bigger battles. The Cemetery is a popular place for a base, because of the cover provided by the walls, the sniping spot on the tower, and the military loot that spawns here. Military primaries and secondaries spawn here. The problem with turning it into a base is the abundance of entrances which must be barricaded and guarded. Inside the church there are mainly civilian spawns such as food, drinks and some tools. Blood Bags do not spawn here, and military equipment is mainly found at the barricades in the front of the Cemetery. Military loot can be found in the front of the church.