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Camo Pack 1 is one of the five gamepasses in Apocalypse Rising. It currently costs 150 robux. It allows you to get these 3 camos: desert camo, jungle camo, and snow camo. These 3 camos are really rare, and it is a bit overpriced. You cannot give it to other players.

Gamepass description

Every time you make a new character while owning this game pass, you will have the option to select the following outfits:

Note that you will not have the ability to drop these outfits if you spawned with them using this game pass. In other words, if you spawn with one of these camos on, and you put another outfit you found, the camo would not be added to your inventory as an item. This is to prevent buyers/players from generating outfits for other players.


  • This gamepass was created on October 12, 2013.
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