This article describes a feature in the first Apocalypse Rising

Bump Flatts, is a small town, obviously not a nice place for you or anyone to live in - shown by broken windows and the vandalized objects. The color scheme doesn't add appeal to this town either. Because of its boring brown and blue (not counting the trinity crates) making it a very dull town. With almost no good loot and high zombie spawn rate, not alot of people (other than fresh-spawns) come here. It is located below Hark and above the Mansion.


Bump Flatts was, exactly before or during the apocalypse, used by a television crew. "They"...were filming an episode of Hoarders when the infection struck," the black message left by the crew. A camera, possibly belonging to the crew's, was left behind. You cannot pick up the camera or use it. When you enter the small town, towards the front is a sign welcoming you to Bump Flatts. It states, 'Bump Flatts' but it is crossed out and replaced with, 'Noobs Hatts, Lolz, Banditz 4 Life.' No one knows the real story about Bump Flatts, except for Gusmanak and ZolarKeth, and nothing regarding this town will ever be known. Though, it could be speculated that 'Hoarders' was a parody television show, and the fallen water tower could be part of the TV show set, along with the graffiti signs. Though, it is possible that actual bandits had vandalised the area.

Bump Flatts is rarely visited because of it's poor loot spawn, high zombie content, and being in the corner of the map where players spawn. This makes Bump Flatts a bad place for setting up a base as this is not a good area to loot. However it is close to Hark, Old Mine, and Mansion, so it can be used as a base. Bump flatts could also be your hiding place if you get attacked by bandits.

Bump Flatts is also the spawn location of Gus' Club, a personal room for Gusmanak that only spawns when he's on the server.



  • The front sign stating 'Noobs Hattz - Lolz - Banditz 4 life' was previously used in version 1.0.0.
  • The Hoarders message found here is one of the only pop culture references in the game.
  • The camera seen in front of the Hoarders trailer looks like a Sony professional camera (seen in the gallery above).
  • It is possible that actual bandits vandalised the place due to a journal page saying that bump flatts was forsaken