Pigflyer69 Pigflyer69 7 January

Regarding Potential Wiki Adoption

Hello fellow wiki users!

While the wiki is still functional in its current state, it's a bit of a mess due to the lack of active administration (especially following the migration to the UCP). We are unable to edit/move/delete pages, categories, and files. We are also unable to edit the wiki's locked main-page (as well as other locked pages). Additionally, the appearance and theme could use some tinkering, if not all-together be redone.

I am, by no means, a wiki expert, but I have learned a lot while trying to clean things up around here for the past few months. I would like this wiki to be as well maintained as possible. Therefore, I am intent on pursuing wiki adoption. If this adoption were to go through, I would be granted sysop and/or bu…

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ComaGhost ComaGhost 30 March 2020

Looking for Advice


I am fairly new to this wiki, although I've been playing AR for about 2 years now. I need some advice on what to do if I find a modded vehicle. Last night while doing some farming, I found the usual, pink, full armor, gas, hull, tank, and engine. (I noticed all these things from the outside). The loot inside of the van was pretty normal, just some ammo and a ppsh.

Now, what should I have done. I just walked away with some more mags for my M1911 from the storage. Is their a mod I could contact if I encounter modded vehicles in the future so they can despose of them, or what?

Thank you all for putting together this helpful wiki,


(God, this looks like an email lmao)

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SolidSourSkittles SolidSourSkittles 12 March 2020

New to Wiki fandom so I don't know if im supposed to post here but...

As I was rec a vid for youtube a hacker blew all of us up and I had really good things and even killed a hacker to get this armor thing until mines spawned everywhere and killed me, in which I didn't get my stuff back. I have video evidence can I send it to u guys? I really need my stuff back and I was on a roll with my first video and have not yet made a second third and fourth ones yet and I would like to keep my series going once again if I can somehow contact admin that would be great. (discord?)

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HughNeutronisadankmeme HughNeutronisadankmeme 30 July 2019

Admin application

Simply put, my job is simple: Fix pages on this wiki and ban vandalizers and furries.

Sorry if this application was too simple.


1. Main editor of Roblox: The Stalker Reborn Wiki

2. Contributor to Arsenal Wiki

3. Editor on Entry Point Wiki

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HughNeutronisadankmeme HughNeutronisadankmeme 30 July 2019

Ban Eoeoeoeoeisback

Ban this son of a bitch.

He is committing wholesale vandalism and has even put pornographic content on this wiki.

Ban him.

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New Denver New Denver 23 June 2019

Ayye what up old fam?

Been a while, but I was just gonna say I miss y'all. I remember starting off on this wiki in 2013 until I deleted my account in 2015 and starting again. Feels bad man, haven't been in here for ages and honestly it's like a ghost town here. Kind of sad I spent probably hundreds of hours on this wikia but it helped during rough times. Oh well, hopefully this wikia won't die anytime soon. 

As my coworker steven says, love ya long time.

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Tyguy9112 Tyguy9112 10 May 2019

Administration Application

I want to become a Administrator.

Why should we promote you?

  • I can help stop vandalism
  • I can help get this Wiki active again
  • I can help edit pages with grammar issues.
  • I want Gus to look at this and be like "Wow this Wiki is really good for representing our games"

Would it matter much to the wiki if we didn't promote you? Well I have been in the Inter Wiki and I can get the Apocalypse Wiki back out there, I want people, to start editing this wiki again and for the Discord and the Wiki to be active once more, and I'd have more abilty to edit documents that could use editing

What are your credentials?

  • I'm currently a Wiki Editor for the ROBLOX Wikipedia
  • I was also apart of the Creation team for the ROBLOX Wikipedia
  • I've contrbutied to other Wikipedia …
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Firehoax Firehoax 2 March 2019

Applicaton for ARwiki Moderator

Hello, I'm applying for the position of Moderator on the ARwiki

I believe I can contribute to the community, my main goal being crreating a high quality post for each of the weapons/items in Apocalypse Rising 2

I feel like it would be a shame not to promote anyone who would bring more information about the game here.

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BeastyBoss BeastyBoss 29 October 2018

How dead is this wiki


Are any of the old users still on this wiki?


A retired admin (lmao)

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Bazinga564 Bazinga564 1 October 2018



I have recently bought a VIP server if you feel like joining, spawn and teleport are on for everyone

Link: https://www.roblox.com/games/1600503/Apocalypse-Rising?privateServerLinkCode=9yILsSiJEJAb5fUyO06yXuguZdYfYQTa

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