The Binoculars are a utility that can help you see farther distances and identify other survivors by zooming in.


The Binoculars look like how they would in real life. They have a small pair of lenses on one of the ends on the utility, with a much larger pair on the other end. The binoculars are colored black, as most binoculars in real life are. In the game, the Binoculars are four main cylinders connected to one smaller cylinder in the middle.


The binoculars have a powerful zoom range. They can zoom in around 3.5 times a players normal view distance. The drawbacks of using the binoculars are limited/tunnel vision, not being able to shoot, not being able to see your stats (health, hunger and thirst), and not being able to move unless you crouch.

Recommended Use

The Binoculars have a few primary uses, which include:

  • Identifying players from a distance.
  • Scouting out towns or bases for a raid.
  • Identifying if a humanoid figure is a survivor or a zombie.
  • Scanning around a base or camp for approaching players.
  • Reading names at a distance.


  • There was a bug in 5.0.6 where you could possibly lose your arms when using the binoculars. This bug was patched in the Secret Update.
  • Sometimes, the binoculars may fall out of your hands, and will not appear again until you rejoin the server.
  • You can move around while viewing your binoculars by pressing your crouch bind.
  • Another way to move is to equip the binoculars while sprinting. You'll be able to see using them while still moving. However, as soon as you stop moving your walkspeed resets to 0.


  • The Binoculars' magnification is equal to that of the ACOG Scope.

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