Attachments are external modifications that can be added to firearm weapons. Currently, only suppressors and sights are implemented. However, given that firearms currently have 3 attachment slots, grip attachments are possibly a planned feature.

List of Attatchments


Name Image Description
Oil Filter Suppressor
RobloxScreenShot20200507 175150952 (3).png
Reduces gunshot noise
Standard Suppressor
RobloxScreenShot20200606 231400322 (3).png
Reduces gunshot noise
Military Suppressor
RobloxScreenShot20200530 000005894 (4).png
Reduces gunshot noise
Special Forces Suppressor
RobloxScreenShot20200530 000005894 (3).png
Reduces gunshot noise


Name Image Description
Holographic Sight
RobloxScreenShot20200828 191620537 (5).png
1x scope for close-medium range.
CQR Sight
RobloxScreenShot20200830 201540719 (3).png
1x scope for medium range.
Reflex Sight
RobloxScreenShot20200828 191620537 (3).png
1x Scope for close range.
Prism Scope (Don't use this please) 2x Scope for medium range.
OCR Scope
RobloxScreenShot20200427 174433168 (3).png
4x Scope for Long Range
Rifle Scope
RobloxScreenShot20200825 213037542 (4).png
6x Scope for long range
Pelican Scope
RobloxScreenShot20200828 191620537 (4).png
3.4x Scope for medium to long range
Kobra Sight
RobloxScreenShot20200503 230826462 (3).png
1x scope for close range


Name Image Description


  • The CQR is based off an AR-15 Comp. Aimpoint.
  • Back in early AR2, the Prism did have the scope wobble like it does today.
  • The OCR is clearly based off an ACOG.
  • The Pelican is an Canadian sight with different markings to the standard 3x Sights.
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