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The April Fools Update in 2013.

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The Apocalypse Rising April Fools Update title picture in 2013.

April Fools' Day Updates are humorous updates that are released on April 1 every year.


April Fools apoc

The 2013 update changed all the bricks and weapons in the map to be brightly colored, with the occasional My Little Pony billboard here and there. The zombies had smiley and happy faces, had yellow skin, and wore flashy clothing. Some instances of zombies looked exactly like Shedletsky. Also, when a user clicked on Gusmanak's profile, a message would appear and say, "THE ITEM YOU REQUESTED DOES NOT EXIST." This led many to believe that Gusmanak was hacked and/or banned. After April Fools' Day, everything returned back to normal.


The 2014 April Fools' Day Update was an update that took place on April 1st, 2014. Gusmanak updated Apocalypse Rising's thumbnail as an April Fool's joke. He also temporarily changed the name to "Apopalypse Risgn" Gusmanak also changed the description to "happy six year roblox anniversary to me". Random bricks around the map were changed to random bright/neon colors. Certain sound effects were temporarily changed, such as when you shoot, your gun would sound like a chicken. Zombies when attacking a character would scream "SPARTA!" Several other sounds bytes were also changed.

For example:

  • When you shot a revolver, it would bark, and when reloading it would play part of the song "Cotton-Eyed Joe".
  • When you were spawning, instead of the downtrodden music you normally hear, you would hear upbeat music instead.
  • When you died, the game would say something along the lines of, "Snake? respond. Snake? Respond! SNAKE?!"
  • When a bullet missed it's target by hitting a wall, the ground or other, the impact noise was replaced with a loud "HA-HA!" (recorded from Nelson, a character from The Simpsons)
  • The characters on the main image include : Snake (Metal Gear solid), Nigel Thornberry (The Wild Thornberrys), Heavy Weapons Guy (Team Fortress 2), Sweet Apoc and hella Risign drawings, Sanic (an internet meme) and others.
  • Shotgun gunshot sounds were replaced with frog croaking.


In the 2015 update Peewee Herman would appear on the death screen and laugh his signature laugh at you while crying.


Later on, the map was recolored to a desert theme, complete with cacti and sand dunes, and named Apocalypse Drying - Cactical Warfare. This led users to think that popular games were getting hacked, as Phantom Forces was renamed to AIMBOT Forces, and mayhem ensued in the forums and reddits.


Apocalypse Drying - Cactical Warfare from 2016 returned, mainly because Gusmanak didn't have enough time to come up with a new April Fools update and was working on Apocalypse Rising 2 at the time.