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Apocalypse Rising is a free ROBLOX game created by Gusmanak and ZolarKeth, with help from PKThunder

One of the thumbnails for Apocalypse Rising, with the logo in the center.

 (creator of the ads,) and Ralchire (formerly SkateBored, and designer of the weapons.) 


Apocalypse Rising is an "open world zombie survival game" based off of DayZ Standalone, a zombie survival game on Steam, and shares many aspects of the game with it. The point of the game is to survive, either as a survivor or a bandit, and either in a group or solo. Badges are awarded for earning certain stats in-game, (such as player and zombie kills and days survived,) which are usually a point of pride in the community. In the game, you must scavenge for supplies such as ammunition, weapons, food, and drinks. There is no main objective in the game, its point is only to survive. A player will spawn on one edge of the map, and will then usually traverse to the nearest landmark to search for supplies. Landmarks can be cities or other unique structures, such as the Military Outpost and the Refugee Camp. It is not recommended to search Kin (the largest city) as a freshspawn because of the high concentration of both other players and zombies. A player may, after scavenging, killing a few zombies and/or players, come across a vehicle. Vehicles do not spawn with many parts, and it is necessary to search for vehicle parts to repair it so that it may be used for transportation. A player also may be invited to or invite someone to a group, which is a co-operative way to survive in the Apocalypse.