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In Apocalypse Rising 2, players are able to accessorize themselves with a wide array of items utilizing 7 different equipment slots. Excluding backpacks, all items worn by the player are entirely cosmetic. Most accessories will spawn in the world, while a handful do not; these exceptions make up premium outfits that are purchased using Robux.

Upon first playing Apocalypse Rising 2, all clothing is locked (excluding the default outfit). Locked clothing items can be found in the world, allowing for them to be selected later during character customization.

(Please sort all cosmetics in there alphabetical order!)

Rare Outfits

Image Name Accessories Spawn(s)
Admiral Hat, Shirt, Pants NAS ATC Tower, 4th Floor Desk.
Airliner Outfit - Gusmanak.png
Airliner Pilot Hat, 2 Shirts, Pants Regional Airport West side terminal on the diamond.
Chef Hat, Shirt, Pants Restaurant by Grocery Store in Fairview.

On a metal desk within a meat locker in Lockport

German Soldier - Gusmanak.png
German Soldier Hat, Shirt, Vest Pants Acquired by killing a German soldier mini boss

in the cave between Coastal Bunkers and Ashland.

Ghillie Suit Hat, Shirt, Pants Any of the Helicopter Crash locations.
Hazmat Suit-0.png
Hazmat Suit Hat, Shirt, Pants Volcano Research Station and Oil Rig helicopter landing pad.
Hustler Hat, Face, Shirt, Pants Halsey lake motel, second floor room furthest down, the first bed in the room.
Judge Uniform Shirt, Pants Ashland Government Building
Screenshot (26).png
Plague Doctor Hat, Face, Shirt, Pants Spawns behind the Salem church pedestal with Plague Doctor mini boss.
Police Uniform Shirt, Pants, Vest, Belt Spawns inside the Ashland police station alongside

police checkpoints on bridges.

Revalutionary War Outfit.png
Revolutionary War Uniform Hat, Shirt, Pants Spawns on one of the dryers at the Ashland laundromat.
WWII Army Ranger - Gusmanak.png
WWII Army Ranger Hat, Shirt, Vest, Pants Third floor of the large red barn NW of the Faris Island Helicopter Crash.

Rare Accessories

Image Name Type Spawn(s)
-1 Soda Hat AR2.png
#1 Soda Hat Hat University second floor dorms second last room on the bed.
Balaclava AR2.png
Balaclava Face Crashed Plane NW of Mortar on Mackinaw Island, Mansion, and Volcano firefighter lookout.
Durag AR2.png
Durag Hat Regional Airport sheriff outpost on the vents, Huntington clinic "Big Room" on one of the beds.
Eyepatch AR2.png
Eyepatch Face Hastings "Closet House" Salem laundrymat.
Fedora Hat Furthest table booth at Salem restaurant and the Regional Airport ATC balcony.
Guy Fawkes AR2.png
Guy Fawkes Mask Face Behind a bench in one of the jailcells at the Ashland Courthouse.
Paper Hat Hat First classroom to the right at the Ashland School.
Patched Hat.png
Patched Hat Hat The Auditorium at the University
Pirate Hat Hat The back room of the Salem Laundromat.
Rasta Hat AR2.png
Rasta Hat Hat The dresser down the hall at the second floor of the dorm rooms at the University.
Red Beret AR2.png
Red Beret Hat Inside the NAS hanger helicopter on one of the seats, at NAS Office in the Living Centers and on the second floor of the substation control building in Power Plant.
Sailor Cap AR2.png
Sailor Cap Hat On the bridge of the Destroyer on top of the green console
Snorkel Mask.png
Snorkel Mask Face Inside the pool at the Motel between the Radio Station and the Observatory and on the bottom docks of the Oil Rig.
Sombrero - Gusmanak.png
Sombrero Hat Restaurant to the left of the Fairview gun store.
Soviet Gas Mask.png
Soviet Gas Mask Face On one of the shelves at the Mansion Library.
Sun Mask AR2.png
Sun Mask Face Inside the bank vault at Ashland and Fairview.
Ushanka Hat Medical room in Mansion attic or at Coastal Bunkers.


Image Name Color(s) Spawn(s)
Adventurer Hat.png
Adventurer Hat Brown Living Spaces
Artist Beret.png
Artist Beret Navy Living Spaces
Baseball Cap.png
Baseball Cap Red, Green, Blue Living Spaces
Beanie .png
Beanie Grey Living Spaces
Bowler Hat.png
Bowler Hat Black Living Spaces
Brimmed Hat.png
Brimmed Hat Grey Living Spaces
Bucket Hat.png
Bucket Hat Red Living Spaces
Colander Hat.png
Colander Hat Teal, White, Yellow Cooking Spaces
Cooking Pot Hat.png
Cooking Pot Hat Black, White, Rusted Cooking Spaces
Cowboy Hat.png
Cowboy Hat Grey, Brown Living Spaces
Cyclist Helmet.png
Cyclist Helmet Grey Living Spaces
Desert Camo Hat.png
Desert Camo Hat Desert Camo Military Spaces
Firefighter Hat.png
Firefighter Hat Black Firefighter Spaces
Flat Cap.png
Flat Cap Tan Living Spaces
Construction Helmet.png
Hard Hat Yellow, White, Blue Construction Spaces
Leather Cap.png
Leather Cap Brown Living Spaces
Military Boonie Hat.png
Military Boonie Hat Forest Camo Military Spaces
Military Helmet.png
Military Helmet Forest Camo Military Spaces
Milkman Cap.png
Milkman Cap White
Propeller Hat.png
Propeller Hat Rainbow
Ranger Hat.png
Ranger Hat Brown
Safari Hat.png
Safari Hat Green Living Spaces
Straw Helmet.png
Straw Hat Tan Admiral House Located

West of Coastal Bunkers

in the basement on the

Militia Crate Table.

Face Accessories

Image Name Color(s) Spawn(s)
Bandana Black, Red Living Spaces
Classic Shades.png
Classical Shades Brown Living Spaces
Face Disguise.png
Face Disguise Living Spaces
Hockey Mask.png
Hockey Mask Tan Living Spaces
Mime Mask-0.png
Mime Mask White Living Spaces
Paintball Mask.png
Paintball Mask Black Very top of the Eden medical barn.
Phantom Mask-0.png
Phantom Mask Silver/Black N/A
Safety Glasses.png
Safety Glasses White, Blue, Yellow Garages and Construction Sites
Shades Black Living Spaces
Sleek Glasses.png
Sleek Glasses Black Living Spaces
Surgeon Mask.png
Surgeon Mask Teal Medical Spaces
Welding Mask.png
Welding Mask Grey Garages and Construction Sites


Image Name Color(s) Spawn(s)

Argyle Sweater.png

Argyle Sweater  Black, Red Living Spaces
Baseball Shirt.png
Baseball Shirt Black, Red, Green, Blue Living Spaces
Blazer Vest.png
Blazer Vest Black Living Spaces
Cabana Shirt.png
Cabana Shirt Grey Tropical Living Spaces
Cargo Jacket.png
Cargo Jacket Grey Garages and Construction Sites
Crop Top.png
Crop Top White, Orange, Pink Living Spaces

Tank Top

White, Black Living Spaces
Dark Windbreaker.png
Dark Windbreaker Black/Red Living Spaces
Denim Jacket.png
Denim Jacket Denim Living Spaces
Fleece Jacket.png
Fleece Jacket Black Living Spaces
Golf Shirt.png
Golf Shirt Brown, Green Living Spaces
Hawaiian Shirt.png
Hawaiian Shirt Grey, Red, Blue Tropical Living Spaces
Longsleeve Shirt.png
Longsleeve Shirt Black Living Spaces
Military Camo Shirt.png
Military Camo Shirt Forest Camo Military Spaces
Open Denim Jacket.png
Open Denim Jacket Denim Living Spaces
Polo Shirt.png
Polo Shirt Navy Living Spaces
Raincoat Teal Living Spaces
Striped Longsleeve Shirt.png
Striped Longsleeve Shirt White Living Spaces
Striped Polo Shirt.png
Striped Polo Shirt Teal Living Spaces
Sweater Cream Living Spaces
Tactical Shirt.png
Tactical Shirt Black, Green, Tan Military Spaces
Tanktop  White, Black Living Spaces
V-Neck Black, White Living Spaces
Windbreaker Teal/Purple Living Spaces


Image Name Color(s) Spawn(s)


Image Name Color(s) Spawn(s)
Quilted Vest.png
Quilted Vest Red, Cyan, Blue, Pink, White, Orange
Hunting Vest.png
Hunting Vest Brown/Orange, Green/Orange
Construction Vest.png
Construction Vest Neon Yellow, Neon Green, Orange
Safari Vest.png
Safari Vest Green, Grey, White, Tan
Leather Vest.png
Leather Vest Black, Grey, Brown
Tactical Vest.png
Tactical Vest Tan, Black, Green
Militia Bandolier.png
Ammunition Bandolier Brown, Green, Grey
Militia Webbing Black, Green Brown
Military Webbing.png
Military Webbing Green, Black, Brown
Militia Vest.png
Militia Vest Green, Brown, Tan
Military Ammo Vest.png
Military Ammo Vest Green, Black, Tan


Image Name Color(s) Spawn(s)
Fanny Pack.png
Fanny Pack Blue, Red, Orange
Hiking Belt.PNG
Hiking Belt Brown, Black
Carpenter Belt.png
Carpenter Belt Brown
Ranch Belt.png
Ranch Belt Silver, Gold
Tactical Belt Black
Police Belt Green, Black, Tan
Leather Belt.png
Leather Belt Black, Brown
Formal Belt.png
Formal Belt Black, Brown

Paid outfits are unique outfits usually worn by a infected "Mini Boss" and will vary cost from 100-750 Robux.

(Please put them in order by cost, highest to lowest - Thanks)

Image Name Accessories Cost (Robux)
Operator Helmet, NVOGs, Shirt,

Vest, Pants

Spetsnaz - Gusmanak.png
Spetznaz Helmet, Face, Shirt,

Vest, Pants

Launch Entry Suit Helmet, Shirt, Pants 750
WWII Fighter Ace Helmet, Shirt, Vest, Pants 750
Green Beret - Gusmanak.png
Green Beret Hat, Shirt, Vest, Pants 500
Templar Night Helmet, Shirt, Pants, Belt 500
Tracksuit Hat, Shirt, Pants 500
Soviet Officer - Gusmanak.png
Soviet Infantry Officer Hat, Vest, Shirt, Pants 400
U.S. Marshal Hat, Shirt, Belt, Pants 400
Mobster Hat, Vest, Pants 300
Tuxedo Shades, Shirt, Pants 300
Lumberjack Hat, Shirt, Pants 200
Football Player Helmet, Shirt, Pants 100
Stuntman Helmet, Shirt, Pants 100
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