Apocalypse Rising 2 is an in-development zombie survival shooter with a primary focus on PvP.


Apocalypse Rising 2 (formerly referred to as The Rewrite and also referred to as AR2) is a new game in development by a team of 4-6 full-time contractors under Dualpoint Interactive. It is a remake of Apocalypse Rising, using none of Apocalypse Rising's assets while retaining much of the original's gameplay concepts. It boasts many new features, including a new map with water, the ability to swim, a tropical island setting, and new weapons. While originally planned as a rewrite of the previous title, Gusmanak stated that the original Apocalypse Rising was so broken and flawed that nothing but a rewrite would suffice, which in turn lead to Apocalypse Rising 2. Despite this, Apocalypse Rising will remain available to play after Apocalypse Rising 2's release. Gus has also stated that progress update videos will likely be posted weekly, though that has not been the case so far.

This game started development in 2016 and was released to the public on August 4th 2017 for an Alpha access fee of R$ 1,000. The fee has been reduced several times over the course of new updates, and is currently at R$ 200.

Known Information

Weapon skins and game-passes will not carry over from Apocalypse Rising 1.

Apocalypse Rising 2's map, once completed will be 2.7 times larger than Reimagined and 1.48 times smaller than Reborn. This makes the map have some of the action of Reimagined, and some of the variety of Reborn.

The player will be able to punch and melee with any weapon.

There will be a new script creating a list of exploiters


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